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Management Tracking Audits

Real-time visibility into asset locations and statuses, ensuring efficient use and preventing loss with AssetTraq.

Multi Locations

Manage and oversee your assets across multiple locations without leaving your desk.

QR/Barcode Scanning

Simplify asset tracking by leveraging QR codes or barcodes for quick and easy identification


Asset Tracking


Management Tools

Asset Lifecycle Management

Track your assets from procurement to disposal, ensuring proper maintenance and maximizing their lifespan.

Disposal Process

Get rid of unwanted items effortlessly and keep a record with ease!

Tickets & Complaints

Streamline your tickets and complaints with an efficient workflow.


Asset Audits

Streamlined Audit Process

Simplify physical asset audits with efficient data collection and reconciliation tools.

Discrepancy Management

Easily identify and address discrepancies between physical assets and recorded inventory.

Audit Trail

Maintain a comprehensive audit trail that tracks all asset activity and changes over time.


Reporting & Analytics

Customizable Reports

Generate comprehensive reports tailored to your specific needs, track key metrics, and gain valuable insights.

Data Visualization Tools

Leverage intuitive charts and graphs to easily understand complex asset data.


Take control of procurement disposal assets

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