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Optimize Operations by Tracking Enterprise Assets.

A platform that helps you manage Assets your way

Asset Branding and Allocation

Brand and track assets using QR / barcodes to allocate and track assets.

Workflow Management

Configure and manage multiple complex workflows easily with no-code playbooks.

Transfer Movement Management

Moving your assets between locations? Track all movements of your assets.

Inventory Management

Inventory control solution to automate inventory updates, sale orders, deliveries & returns.

Vendor Process Automation

Leverage Digital Vendor Management to enhance cost-savings & reduce operational risks

Asset Retirement and Disposal

Dispose and maintenance of the log, in the easiest way possible!

Track Everything
from Laptops to Staplers

Automate and streamline your process of managing the overall lifecycle of your assets with asset tracking software. From procuring devices to allocation management to disposal, this software ensures optimum utilization of your assets while improving visibility.

360° Control over Assets

With our asset tracking software, you gain 360° control over your assets. It seamlessly integrates with solutions such as AD, HRMS, Vendor Management Solutions, Finance Solutions, and Delivery partners, providing you with a comprehensive view of your assets. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, bringing together all your system needs in one place.

Audits on the Go!

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and Excel. Asset tracking software allows you to switch to a cloud-based asset management system. AssetTraq, our leading software in this domain, offers powerful platform capabilities. It simplifies the asset tracking process and offers scalable packages that can adapt to your changing needs.
Switch from Spreadsheets and Excel to a Cloud- Based Asset Management Software

Why AssetTraq?

AssetTraq follows best practice ITAM workflows and provides powerful integrations with IT management apps. It also offers smart automation, extensive reporting capabilities, codeless customizations, and the flexibility to deploy on the cloud or on-premises.

Crafting a unified experience with integrations across platforms

Crafting a unified experience with integrations across platfroms

Our asset tracking system integrates seamlessly across platforms. It integrates with HRMS, procurement and finance systems, ticketing systems, and ticketing platforms. This integration not only provides valuable insights but also enhances overall reporting. It allows for better management and analysis, superior user experience, and increased transparency.

Platform Integrations

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